The Happy Valley School of Music faculty consist of many of the Northwest's top performers and educators.  These artists are dedicated to sharing their deep knowledge to instruct and inspire the practicing musician.

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Private Lessons

Learn one-on-one with our talented and very friendly teachers.  Private lessons are designed specifically for each individual student, from beginner to advanced.

Our instructors can expertly gauge the level of the student and also their needs, interests, and learning style. This will allow the teacher to focus on developing the core fundamentals, building technique, understanding the language of music theory, and develop creative artistry all while having fun learning to play music.

 Once the language is learned, the student can take the music as far as the want to go and in any style or genre.  We are delighted and honored to offer private music lessons to you!

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Group Classes and Workshops

These are small group lessons of 5-7 students.  We keep each class small and intimate to keep learning to a maximum.  Group classes are a fun way to learn while having the opportunity to interact with others in a relaxed environment.  

Our experienced faculty offer the principles taught as in a private lesson.  The classes and workshops offered at the Happy Valley School of Music often feature a theme(such as American Fiddle, Beginner Uke for kids, or Blues Guitar, etc).  Please check the class listings for the latest offerings.  

Classes are an affordable way to get started on an instrument, which may eventually lead to futher studies with private lessons with one of our in demand teachers. 

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Jam Sessions

 Finally!  Learn music by jamming.  These are small and intimate jam sessions with the pros.  The value of jamming with others is one of the main goals of the Happy Valley School of Music.  The idea of sharing musical ideas and thoughts with others in real time is the essence of what the teaching is all about.  It is about living and being in that moment.  

Well, luckily, we offer weekly jam sessions in all styles with our various teachers.  Just because it is that much fun!  Jams for all ages and all styles of music are offered at the Happy Valley School of Music.

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