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Summer Music Camps Begin!

We are currently finishing up details on the summer music camp offerings. Expect loads of fun for the kids hanging out with other kids and teachers playing music, listening to music, singing, counting, clapping, dancing and there might even be some Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR and Karaoke happening!

If you would like to be on the advance list please send an email: happyvalleyschoolofmusic@gmail.com

There will be a special pricing on Early Bird Registrations!

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2:00 PM14:00

Spring Student Recital

Save the date! Super excited for our spring recital! The students are working hard and are looking forward to performing for y'all! Many new performers this time around! Come on out and enjoy the music, family, friends, and great pizza!

Sunday 4/28/19 from 2-4pm at the Mississippi Pizza Pub

Everyone is welcome!

A great chance to meet other students, parents and the faculty. Expect a fun spontaneous jam session again to close the event!

See you then!

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2:00 PM14:00

Student Recital at Mississippi Pizza(in Atlantic Lounge)

Woo Hoo! We love our student recitals and so do our wonderful and excited students! Of course, the parents enjoy them, too! Filming is allowed and recommended. Share and keep the memories!

Come hear what our students at the Happy Valley School of Music have been working on lately. This is an informal performance(low pressure) that gives the student a chance to perform on a stage in front of friends, peers, and family. Mississippi has awesome pizza for the family(whole pie) or by the slice. This makes it feel more like a party than a recital. Plenty of space in the performance area(the Atlantic Lounge), so invite your whole family, friends, and neighbors!

Our students have been hard at work practicing and focusing their efforts to be able to share their passion for music and self-enjoyment. For many, especially the young ones, it’s their very first performance, so be sure to be polite, encouraging and generous with applause!

The recitals are free and open to the public. The teachers at the Happy Valley School of Music feel these help bring together the community and also creates opportunities for other students to hear and meet others outside of the “school” setting. Often, the teacher will jam along with the students or the students will have a jam partner or ensemble from the school. It’s always a great time! Hope to see you there!

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Christiaan Van Hemert: A Day with a Gypsy Jazz Master(Workshops and Private Lessons)
1:00 PM13:00

Christiaan Van Hemert: A Day with a Gypsy Jazz Master(Workshops and Private Lessons)

Attention Portland Area Gypsy Jazzers!

We have a very special treat for you! We are proud to announce that we are bringing in one of the premier gypsy jazz violin and guitar players in the world. Christiaan van Hemert! One day only, Thursday, September 6th! He will be at our school teaching private violin and guitar lessons in the morning and afternoon. And then in the evening, he will be teaching two gypsy jazz guitar workshops… Don't miss it! A chance to learn from the best!

Christiaan is a monster musician, well, you kind of have be to in order to play with Stochelo Rosenberg, Joscho Stephen, Olli Soikkeli, etc. Yes, world class, among the finest of the gypsy jazz players in the world today! I hope you consider joining us at the Happy Valley School of Music on Thursday, September 6th. 

Here is what the day schedule looks like:

Private Lessons(can be a joint lesson) during daytime/afternoon.
Workshops, 6:30-8pm. 8:15-9:45pm

The 2 workshops Christiaan will offer are:

Guitar Workshop 1 - van Hemert Fretboard Visualization System & "Loops System"
The first part of the workshop will be an exploration of Christiaan's unique fretboard visualization system which was especially developed to get around the entire neck with relative ease during gypsy jazz soloing.

The second part of the workshop will deal with Christiaan's "Loops System" which will both deal with expert improv vocabulary and a unique way of mapping this on the fretboard.

The workshop will feature detailed PDFs with all the material written down to review at home!

Guitar Workshop 2 - timing, practicing & simplifying chord changes.
The first part of the workshop is about the definition of "good timing" and how it is linked mostly to right hand technique. We'll discuss how to develop solid timing through simple exercises.

The second part will be about how to achieve creativity and a feeling of freedom during improvising by simplifying chord progressions. A big part of this workshop is also dedicated to effective practice methods and dealing with frustration in the process of studying.

The rates are as follows:
Workshops: $60 for each 90 min session or both for $110
Private Lessons:$100 for 60min or $150 for 90 min.
If you want a joint lesson with a buddy to split the bill, $75 each person for 60min.

I hope you seriously consider these options. Christiaan is the real deal and an awesome teacher. That is not always the case with great players. However, he has done his homework, big time, by transcribing all of Stochelo's solos for the Rosenberg Academy Website. This is a RARE chance to learn from a master! 

All payments need to be done in advance.  You can prepay on this website. just go to the Descriptions and Pricing tab and pay at the checkout.. If a private lesson, please tell me the time, it's first come, first serve.....and space is limited!!!


 — at Happy Valley School of Music.

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