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Happy Valley School of Music


About The HapPy Valley School of Music:

The Happy Valley School of Music opened it's doors in July 2018.  We are a full service Music School offering private lessons, group classes, workshops, masterclasses with special visiting artists, ensemble classes, and of course, jam sessions!  We want to make music EVERYDAY, so we are open 7 days a week.  As far as what instruments we teach, you name it- we got it!  Guitars, piano, ukulele, bass, drums, voice, flute, clarinet, recorder, cello, banjo, mandolin, accordion, and saxophone, etc....we have world class teachers to teach you how to play instrument.  The group classes and workshops are an affordable way to get playing with our all-star faculty.  Also, the jam sessions and ensemble playing makes learning fun, affordable and  social.  Jams Sessions, Group Classes, and Workshops are a great way to meet and play music with others.  It often makes practicing so much more fun when working on the material or song together with the guidance of the teacher.  We highly recommend taking advantage of our many offerings.  Private lessons is the next step for the serious and more advanced players, however, beginners are always welcome to take private lessons with one of our many dedicated teachers.

Our facility is located at 10555 SE 82nd Ave, Suite #102 in Happy Valley, OR.  However, we are literally just blocks away from Portland and Milwaukie.  So, we couldn't have chosen a better centralized location, very easy to access from any of the surrounding areas.  We have three teaching rooms, this includes a big 25' x 25' classroom, which is where we have our daily group classes, workshops, jam sessions, and ensemble classes.  Studio A, the second biggest room, features recording gear to allow us to help those students and songwriters to record, mix, and master from that room. 


How it all began:

Tracy Kim and Tom Sandahl met about 10 years ago on a random but fateful gig.  No rehearsals or prior meetings.  They both got hired to play music together from a booking agent.  That night began a friendship and eventually partnership that has led to the Happy Valley School of Music.  They got to know each other through the language of music and their primary instruments, two guitars.  Yes, of course, they talked during the breaks and realized they both had similar interests and lifestyles.  Both were professional music performers and teachers(privately and through various colleges and schools); they both perform, love and appreciate all styles of music; and also, they both have families with children the same age.  Tracy lives in Happy Valley and Tom lives in SE Portland. 

Tracy and Tom both have over 25 years of professional performing and teaching experience.  After a recent gig in the spring of 2018, while talking about music teaching, came the idea to combine their passion for teaching, playing music, and sharing this art form with others, from children to adults. 

Even though Tracy and Tom cover many instruments(guitars, uke, piano, bass, drums) themselves, they wanted to create a bigger music learning environment.  They decided to hand select many of the area's finest musicians and teachers covering all the various families of instruments(strings, horns, drums, voice, woodwinds).  Having played music with most of these other amazing musicians/teachers in some sort of combination, they we s0 thrilled and proud of the teaching roster for the Happy Valley School of Music!  Next, they found a central location on 82nd Ave.  The school has a Happy Valley address, but it is actually just blocks away from Portland and literally one block from Milwaukie. 

The Happy Valley School of Music is very excited to share with you the joy and art of playing music, meeting and communicating with others through instruments, and healing and growing through playing music.  Let's Play Music NOW!


Upcoming Events


What We offer:


-Private Lessons

-Group Classes


-Ensemble Classes

-Jam Sessions

-Masterclasses with guest artists

 -Recording Facility

-Quarterly STudent REcitals

-Summer Music Camps