2019 Fall Rock Band for Kids, (Sept-Nov, 8 sessions)ages 8-15

2019 Fall Rock Band for Kids, (Sept-Nov, 8 sessions)ages 8-15


You all have seen the movie, School of Rock. Well, this our version of it!

For this Rock Band Ensemble, the recommended age range is 8-15. However, we will assemble the “band” based on age group(we try to keep them within 2 years of each other) and ability.

The “ROCK BAND” will meet once a week(sometime between Monday-Friday 3-8pm) Exact Day and Time is TBA depending on schedules of everyone involved. At least 3 months of experience is required.

This a perfect opportunity for kids to experiment with other instruments in a creative and supportive environment. The instrumentation(we are open to other possible instruments) for Rock Band Ensemble are guitar, uke, bass, piano(keyboard), vocals, and drums. We focus on playing fun and easy songs from classic to current day(Beatles, AC/DC, Queen, Hendrix, Greenday, Nirvana, etc).

In mid-late November, there will be a recital featuring the various rock bands. This is a public performance and is super fun for students(and parents!). Click here to see a sample of our various rock bands(from practice to performance):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYkbbVu1r-w

Having the kids join a Rock Band Ensemble is a great way for kids to work as a team. To learn and be exposed to fun songs(old to new), develop basic music skills(counting, keeping tempo, etc) , also, a strong emphasis is on jamming with others. Lots of fun riffs, rhythms, singing, stage moves, etc to work on! Super fun and the perfect supplement to private lessons. As a matter of fact, if the student is currently enrolled in private lessons at HVSM, the rate for the ensemble is 30% off.

These are small group classes.  We cap them at 5 students per “ROCK BAND”.  This allows for high quality instruction from our experienced faculty.  Each Rock Band needs at least 3 students to occur.

The total cost is $250(or $175 if the student currently takes weekly lessons at the Happy Valley School of Music) for the 8 sessions. Please call, text, or email to schedule your desired times and to check availability.

Please call Tracy at (503)236-8613 to confirm which weeks(s) you would like to register your child. or email: happyvalleyschoolofmusic@gmail.com

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