Private Lessons (30 min, weekly)

Private Lessons (30 min, weekly)

32.50 35.00

Special Introductory pricing for new students only! You can purchase as many lessons in advance as you would like through November 2018.

These are private lessons with the instrument of your choice! Each lesson is 30 minutes with one of our highly experienced professional teachers/performers.

Private lessons are a great way to get individual attention and to meet the specific needs of the student. Our faculty can expertly gauge what level the student is at and help take them to the next step. Also, the student is encouraged to bring songs or pieces of music that they love and would like to learn how to play. The teachers will always have suggestions of music and/or exercises to encourage and guide the student further along in the development and musicianship.

Due to the high demand and teacher’s schedule, we require that all private lessons are paid in advance in batches of 4 lessons($140 total). However, the initial lesson can be purchased separately.

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