Ensemble Classes(80 min) Package of 4 Sessions

Ensemble Classes(80 min) Package of 4 Sessions


Ensemble Classes is basically a glorified band practice with our world class faculty. We have so many astounding teachers who are all also leaders in various bands. We offer different rock bands, jazz combo, string quartet, flute sectional, sax quartet, sight reading ensembles

You will learn your role in an ensemble and how each individual musician unite to create an ensemble sound. The students will have an expert teacher direct you and the others in the ensemble. The ensemble classes can be mixed instruments or all the same instrument. It will depend on the specific offering.

You can expect to have a lot of FUN in the ensemble classes with the various musical selections that are at a level that is attainable but yet challenging at the same time. These are a fantastic ways to work on technique, timing/rhythm, reading(tabs for guitar and standard notation), dynamics, tone and intonation, articulation, and all the beautiful subtleties when creating a unified ensemble.

These are essential for all musicians who wish to play in school bands or with others in general.

The Ensemble Classes are paid in advance as a package of 4 for $120. The student will be responsible to try and attend all the Ensemble Classes in the 4 week series.

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