Popular Piano Favorites for Teens (Tuesdays 4:30-5:20) Six weeks starts 10/2

Popular Piano Favorites for Teens (Tuesdays 4:30-5:20) Six weeks starts 10/2

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For this class, recommended age is 13-16(exceptions made)

This class is taught by certified member of the Oregon Music Teachers Association, Tom Sandahl.  He is one of the very finest teachers in town for children(and adults!) and we are so excited to have him at the school!

He will start with reviewing some of the basics: the notes on the keyboard and chord construction, and simple rhythm reading and playing. They will learn how to use chords and gain a simple knowledge of scales and melody to play fun and satisfying arrangements of popular tunes.

After the review(maybe new for some) of some of the fundamentals of piano and techniques, Tom will dive into teaching popular and fun songs, which most of the learning of the music concepts will be taught in the context of learning the songs.

Tom will teach popular piano music from artists such as: Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Sam Smith, and, of course, some classics, from The Beatles. Learn the classic piano riffs/parts that create the sound of many popular songs, and improve your timing and rhythmic skills.  It makes it more fun to learn with others.

As with all of Tom’s classes, special focus on piano techniques, fingerings, and rhythmic mastery will be reinforced by Tom.  He will demonstrate proper practice techniques thoroughly.  It is very important to develop good habits at a young age as to avoid future injuries from poor technique. 

These are small group classes.  We cap them at 10 students per class.  This allows for high quality instruction from our experienced faculty.  

This class runs every Tuesday from 10/2 thru 11/6, 4:30-5:20pm

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