Beg/Int. Rock Guitar for Kids (Wednesdays 5:30-6:20) Six weeks starts 10/3

Beg/Int. Rock Guitar for Kids (Wednesdays 5:30-6:20) Six weeks starts 10/3

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For this class, recommended age is 11-16(exceptions made).

This class is taught by guitar master, Tracy Kim. He has taught Stairway to Heaven to HUNDREDS of kids and adults over the last 20+ years…and still enjoys it!

Tracy will begin by reviewing some basic guitar and music concepts. This may be a review for some and new to others. However, it never hurts to reinforce the basic principles of playing the guitar. Tracy will help the student learn to master reading guitar tabs- then the student will soon be able to teach themselves!

After a brief review of the fundamentals. Tracy will share his special warmup routine to develop right and left independence and coordination. Then its time to “rock out!” Tracy will teach ALL of the necessary rock guitar techniques: Hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, pick harmonics, palm muting, whammy use, bending, vibrato and tremelo and use of effects. Also, Tracy will sneak in some basic music theory (notes and rhythm) by teaching students super fun riffs and licks from classic and contemporary songs like: Day Tripper, Smoke on the Water, Johnny B. Goode, Sweet Home Alabama, Purple Haze, Iron Man, Seven Nation Army, Hotel California, When I come Around, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sweet Child of Mine, Crazy Train, Back in Black, and Stairway To Heaven. These songs are hand selected to demonstrate the many techniques, riffs, leads, chords(lots of Power chords!), and strum patterns.

Tracy places a special emphasis on guitar techniques, fingerings, and rhythmic mastery.  He will demonstrate the importance of proper practice techniques thoroughly.  At this stage, it is crucial to develop good habits at a young age as to avoid future injuries from poor technique. Tracy will also have the students learn the importance of time management and how dedicated practice does improve your playing and gives the student a strong sense of accomplishment.

These are small group classes.  We cap them at 10 students per class.  This allows for high quality instruction from our experienced faculty.  Acoustic or Electric guitar is fine. We supply all teaching materials.

This class runs every Wednesday from 10/3 thru 11/7, 4:30-5:20pm

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