Applied Music Theory 2 (for Pianists)(Tuesday 6-6:50PM) Six weeks starts 11/13

Applied Music Theory 2 (for Pianists)(Tuesday 6-6:50PM) Six weeks starts 11/13

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Applied Music Theory for Pianists or all levels!

This is a continuation of the basic music theory class. However, the instructor will review the concepts and fundamentals on the first session(11/13)

If you have been wondering: what key a song is in, how to transpose a song, how to use the circle of fifths, what is a mode(Dorian, Mixolydian,etc,), what is I vi ii V, or what a borrowed chord or secondary dominant is.........look no further, you found the class that will explain all this and more.  

This is a hands-on learning class.  Please expect to do some playing. Tom will dissect popular songs and teach you the tools and tricks of the trade on how they were written. This includes song structure, chord progressions and of course melodic analysis. This class is great for any songwriter or anyone who appreciates a great song.

This class will teach you everything you need to know to fully understand the music you are playing and enjoy listening to, whether it is folk songs, popular(such as Beatles) to more complex jazz songs.  It will also further your appreciation for the music and other music you may not listen to often.

The topics include:  chromatic scales, major scales, triads,  key signature, 6th and 7th chords, understanding formulas, common chord progressions, modulations, transposition, circle of fifths, extended and altered chords, secondary dominants, diminshed chord theory, borrowed chords, slash chords, pentatonic and blues scales, harmonic minor scale, melodic minor scale, and other exotic scales.

This class will lay the music foundation for wherever your musical adventures may lead you.  Many various songs and excerpts will be used for class discussions.

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