Intro to Jazz Guitar(Mondays 7:30-8:20) Six weeks starts 10/1

Intro to Jazz Guitar(Mondays 7:30-8:20) Six weeks starts 10/1

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For this class, recommended age is for adults(18+)

This class is taught by jazz guitar master, Tom Sandahl.  He is one of the very finest teachers and performers in town and we are so excited to have him at the school!

This class is intended for intermediate students who already have a basic understanding of the instrument, tuning, basic chords. Tom will start with the basics of Jazz Theory, chords, scales, arpeggios, and more. Then he will teach how to use these tools to play and improvise over classic jazz standards. We will start with the early Jazz Swing of Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian, and move on to the more modern styles of Wes Montgomery and Pat Metheny. This class will focus on improvisation and creativity. The class will have lots of fun making music together, and remember when improvising there are “no mistakes, only happy accidents”. -Bob Ross

A special focus on guitar techniques, fingerings, and rhythmic mastery will be reinforced by Tom.  He will demonstrate proper practice techniques thoroughly.  It is very important to develop good habits as to avoid future injuries from poor technique. 

These are small group classes.  We cap them at 10 students per class.  This allows for high quality instruction from our experienced faculty.  

This class runs every Monday from 10/1 thru 11/5, 7:30-8:20pm

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