Workshops(4 Weeks, 80 min Bi-Weekly Workshop)

Workshops(4 Weeks, 80 min Bi-Weekly Workshop)

99.00 140.00

These are similar to the small group classes. We cap them at 10 students. This allows for high quality instruction from our experienced faculty. The workshops are usually for the student who has had some previous experience on the instrument.

Generally, there is a focus on a specific song, style, topic or theme for the workshop. The longer session(80min) allows for thorough discussion, review and practice of the material being learned. This way, the student has already learned most of it in the workshop, and can go home to practice and have fun with the material. These longer workshops usually allows for some time for jamming or ensemble playing.

The workshops are a great value for the dedicated and practicing musician, an affordable way to get in depth study with our world class faculty.

Please check the schedule, call, or email for more info.

The workshops are paid in advance in a series of 4 bi-weekly workshops(total $140). The student will be responsible to try and attend all the workshops in the 4 week series.

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