Beg. Kids Guitar(Thursday 5-5:50pm) Six weeks (9/19-10/24)

Beg. Kids Guitar(Thursday 5-5:50pm) Six weeks (9/19-10/24)

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For this class, recommended age is 8-12(exceptions made)

This class is taught by guitar master teacher and co-owner, Tom Sandahl.

Tom will begin this basic guitar class with the anatomy of the guitar. Teaching the notes and how it relates to both the piano and guitar. Kids will learn basic open chords and will soon be singing folk classics and then modern classics.

Tom will share his important warmup routine which will develop right and left hand independence and coordination. Proper fingering technique is crucially at the beginning stages to develop good habits and avoid future injury.

Picking, strum patterns, classic riffs and licks will also be examined all while learning fun and familiar songs(such as Beatles, Hendrix, Greenday, White Stripes etc). Tom will help the student learn to master reading guitar tabs- then the student will soon be able to teach themselves!

Tom will also introduce the art of fingerpicking. All the students will learn excerpts from songs such as the classic, Blackbird, by the Beatles.

This is a fantastic intro to guitar class that will get the students playing and loving to practice! The kids always enjoy play fun simple riffs at home for friends and family. Playing music is a great way to take a study break from school work!

These are small group classes.  We cap them at 8 students per class.  This allows for high quality instruction from our experienced faculty.  Acoustic or Electric guitar is fine. We supply all teaching materials.

This class runs every Thursday from 9/19-10/24 (5pm-5:50pm)

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