Accordion Playing and Performance-Beyond the Basics with Doug Stickler (Sundays: April 7, 21 May 5, 19 ) 1:30-3:30pm

Accordion Playing and Performance-Beyond the Basics with Doug Stickler (Sundays: April 7, 21 May 5, 19 ) 1:30-3:30pm

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This workshop is designed to introduce accordionists to skills beyond those covered in lessons and to reexamine some of the things that were learned in lessons.

 Most accordion players learned how to play from the Palmer-Hughes series of instructional books.  They were terrific for teaching the basics and helping to build skills to allow the musician to eventually play more advanced, written music.  What wasn’t taught was how to make the music your own, how to move beyond written music, how to play with others and how to develop your own style.


The course is designed for intermediate/advanced accordionists looking to improve and become more complete musicians.  Items we’ll cover will include listening and learning from other accordion players; learning the importance of improved bellows control; learning the usefulness of scales and chords; how to play with other musicians; ear training and learning to play non-written music; and discovering other styles of accordion music.


The workshop will include discussion and sharing with both the instructor and participants, active listening to some of the great accordion players and analysis of their style, performance by the instructor so participants can both see and hear what’s being taught, and assigned homework for practicing and developing skills at home.


The workshop will be presented by Doug Stickler, a longtime Portland-area professional accordionist who’s played in restaurants, bands (Bodacious, Doppelbock, 12th Avenue Hot Club, Hot Club of Hawthorne, and others), recording studios, and numerous events over his 50-year career.

This workshop runs every other week on Sundays in April 7, 21, May 5, 19th from 1:30-3:30pm. There will be a short 10 minute break and also light snacks and drinks provided.

Workshops can be taken separately from the package. Each drop-in workshop is $55 for the 2 hour session. Please contact Tracy if interested in single workshops.

Please call Tracy Kim for questions: (503)236-8613

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