Essential Bass Grooves Workshop with Bernardo Gomez(March 30th and April 6th) 4-6pm

Essential Bass Grooves Workshop with Bernardo Gomez(March 30th and April 6th) 4-6pm

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Essential Bass Grooves(from Latin to Swing to Folk/Rock) with Bernardo Gomez
(For electric or upright players)

It's all about the bass!  These workshops will open new ideas in rhythm and groove for any practicing bass player.  This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your arsenal of bass grooves.  Bernardo Gomez is a master of all styles and will share his secrets on becoming a solid bass player in any situation. He will also share his approach to practicing and how to work(and get work) with other musicians.

Once you master the basics, there is a lifetime of musical styles to explore. In these two workshops, Bernardo will teach the students many of the more popular genres and “feels”.  He will demonstrate, share listening examples, and have handouts for students to work on and take home for further study.

Workshop #1(Saturday March 30th, 4-6pm)

Reading: music notes vs chord charts
Various Styles demonstrated and taught:

Swing and Gypsy Jazz –4/4 time signature. 2 beat and 4 beat feels

Bluegrass / Waltz – 4/4 and ¾ time signatures. 

Blues – 4/4 time signature. 

Songwriters (Folk and Rock)

Workshop #2 (Saturday April 6,  4-6pm)

This workshop will especially focus on Latin grooves:

Bossa/Samba from Brazil –4/4 time signatures. 2 beat with grace note for Bossa. Samba mimics Surdo
Merenge from Dominican Republic– 4/4 time signature. 2 beat – hand out and listen
Cumbia from Columbia –4/4 time signature. hand out and listen
Salsa – talk about Tumbao. Hand out and listen.
Son from Cuba – handout and listen
6/8 – introduce Afro Peruvian / Afro Samba
Odd meters – 5, 7, 11 = feel the groove – Baltic and other Eastern European music – handout and listen.

Bernardo Gomez is one of the most in demand in hardest working bassists in the Portland area.  You can see him playing many nights of the week with various bands ranging from Latin, jazz, blues, Hawaiian, folk, pop, rock, bluegrass and country.

There will be a short 10 minute break and also light snacks and drinks provided.

Workshops can be taken separately from the package. Each drop-in workshop is $60 for the 2 hour session. Please contact Tracy if interested in single workshops.

Please call Tracy Kim for questions: (503)236-8613

or email:

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